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Clothes for SPORTS and REST

Дизайн, Разработка, Производство
Design, Elaboration, Production

The game form and equipment for clubs.

  • Hockey, football, basketball, volleyball...
  • Design of your club, domestic and guest complete sets...
  • Since 2004 year we became official manufacturers of clothes under trade mark KoSa.
  • Individual orders.

  • The sizes from XS up to XXL
  • Individual manufacture
  • Practical and fashionable models
  • The real prices
  • Your own design.

  • We take into considerations any wishes of the customer
  • We accept figures, photos, patterns, breadboard models to execution
  • Drawing any figures, trade marks, photos.

  • Screen printing
  • Thermoprinting
  • Thermosublimation: photographic quality, durability of the image

    Gift T-shirts.

  • Polyester or a hockey grid 250 g/m2
  • Any figure or a photo of the customer
  • One-color T-shirts - 7.0€ retail, base colors: 

    About Us

       First production of our firm have appeared in 1996, we was worked at Finnish market. Gradually, with improvement of a financial condition and occurrence of interest of Russians to the qualitative sports form, we began to carry out orders and for the Russian market.

    Now we practically have a full set of the equipment for an embodiment of any design plans:

  • Design-studio, a pre-print

  • Photolab

  • Template workshop, cutting plotter

  • Screen printing workshop

  • Thermo-sublimation workshop with special printer

  • Mechanical workshop

  • Clothing manufacture

  • Thermo-presses

  • Ironing presses

  •    Our technology allows to put figure of any complexity or a photo. Our figures are not afraid of washing and smoothing, and also the severe tests getting to them during sports meets.

    Our prices

    Why our prices are lower?

    First, we work without attraction of foreign firms, our cycle of manufacture includes design, color separation, prototyping, stamping, tailoring, thermo-transfer, furnish, packing and delivery.
    Second, we do not rent warehouse and trading premises, accordingly we reduce the cost price of manufacturing.
    Thirdly, we do not pursue single superprofit. Our purpose - long-term fruitful co-operation with well-known sports clubs of Russia and abroad.


    188990, Leningrad reg., Svetogorsk, Pogranichnaya str., 32, OOO "Alex Group"
    tel. +7(921)302-51-51


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